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What a Woman Really Means When She Says, “I’m Okay”

I’m okay,” is a famous line uttered by almost every woman on the face of the planet at one point of time or another to her boo, significant other, male compliment, #MCM, bae or whatever you prefer. It’s synonymous with, “I’m fine” or “Nothing,” when asked, “What’s the matter?” Nine times out of ten, we are NOT, I repeat NOT okay. Shocker, right? It’s a cover up that so many men ignore. It’s something we say out of frustration. It’s us waving our tiny white flag, which doesn’t happen often. It’s us throwing in the towel out of fear that you won’t understand us anyway. It’s us challenging you to read between the lines.


Well, why don’t y’all stop being so difficult and tell us what the issue is? Chances are we have told you before in as subtle as a hint or as overt as blurting it out. And quite frankly, it’d be too easy if we just told you. Easy is boring. We like a challenge. A chase. We want you to go beyond the surface. Dig a little deeper. Show us that you care enough to find a solution is to the issue at hand. Call us back if we hang up the phone upset! Don’t let us go to bed angry–or hungry. It’ll benefit you in the long run. And if all else fails just tell us that you’re sorry for being a jerk, you were wrong and it won’t happen again. 🙂

The College Grad


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