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Hate In The Workplace

I’ve never had a problem with people not liking me. Well, there was this one girl in eighth grade who didn’t like me, probably because her boyfriend did but that wasn’t my fault. If someone didn’t like me, I either didn’t know or just didn’t care. It’s definitely not something worth losing sleep over. Anyway, as I mature and progress in life, I’ve realized a few things: Not everyone is going to like you (and that’s okay) and not everyone that says, “Congrats, I’m happy for you,” really is.

I say that because I recently started a new position at my place of employment. I didn’t do anything magical or mysterious to get the job. And no, I didn’t have to sleep my way to said position, just in case you were wondering. I prayed to God, I knew the right people and applied at the right time. I’ve noticed that the same people that have congratulated me are some of the same ones that have been throwing shade. Am I surprised? Sadly, no.

We are all afforded the same opportunities in life. Because a person failed to seize an opportunity in life is no concern of mine nor should it be yours. It’s easy to assume when someone is on the outside looking in. People don’t know the struggles that have had to be overcome to get that victory. My advice would be to keep your head up and continue pushing forward.

Even Jesus had haters!

Be Blessed! 0:-)

The College Grad

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