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Critics Slam Michelle Obama’s Support of ‘Black Girls Rock’


When I saw this headline scrolling through my Facebook timeline,  I must admit, I was a little angry. To say that Michelle Obama sends a message that white girls don’t matter is a bit ridiculous. Her whole life is a testament that should encourage ALL WOMEN.

Imagine being a black woman from a single parent home. Your father may be dead, in jail or just inactive in your life. Your mother is working tirelessly to provide for you and your siblings.

If you have any aspirations on attending college, society has probably already shot them down by providing you with a sub par education. You’re constantly being told that your not pretty by the media, your skin’s too dark, hair is too nappy, etc. When you turn on the TV the negative images of blacks are further perpetuated. Is there no rest for the weary?

Then you see this image of this woman, the first black, first lady of the White House. A woman who is Ivy League educated and doesn’t rest on her laurels because of her husband’s position. A woman who used her brains rather than sleeping her way to the top. A woman with an agenda to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the youth. A positive display of womanhood. Need I say more?

So, no. ‘Black Girls Rock’ isn’t set out to diminish or to make women of other races feel that they don’t matter. It’s to encourage black women to excel despite the circumstances. The First Lady’s motives exactly.

The constant need to have to justify ourselves is getting tiring.

Sorry, but not sorry.

“No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful,”

~Michelle Obama


The College Grad

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