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Book Review: Talking “White” Speaks Volumes

Check out my review of “Talking White” by Author/ Poet Maria James-Thiaw!

Maria James-Thiaw

by Zeena Garnett

zeenaJames-Thiaw has a flow that is so lucid which is easily identifiable in pieces such as, The Post-Black Manifesto. It literally rolls from your lips.

Many of you may be scratching your head, wondering what exactly it means to talk “White.” Those of us who have grown up in the black community know exactly what this means. We live in a society where ignorance is in, success is measured by the gold in ones grill and intelligence is dumbed down immensely.

Those of us who do not conform to this mentality are often unfairly criticized or even ostracized. We are referred to as uppity for choosing a different path, for leaving the hood in search of better opportunities, for speaking or not speaking a certain way or for not following the latest trends. Our “blackness” is questioned as is there is an actual guide to being black.

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By Zeena

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