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Painting With A Twist!

I hope everyone had as great of weekend as I did! In celebration of my sister’s 30th birthday, I surprised her with a paint party at Painting With A Twist. Painting With A Twist? What is that? Let me explain.


Painting With A Twist is easily one of the most fun and creative things I’ve ever done. An instructor teaches you and your friends how to recreate a select painting, step by step. You can bring snacks to enjoy as well as your favorite wine, hence the name Painting With A Twist! They hold public classes as well as private parties. And no worries, there is no experience needed. We ate, drank and we laughed. The staff was very pleasant and helpful.


Behold, my masterpiece!


I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking to do something different yet fun. Select restaurants host paint nights as well. Check it out! ( We ended the night with a little “turn up” in our nation’s capitol.


Getting picture ready in the hotel lobby 🙂

Dress Vest & Shoes Forman Mills

Yours Truly,

The College Grad ❤

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