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NYC, The Wendy Show & More!

Hey loves,

I got an amazing opportunity to visit the Wendy Williams show in New York city, so my girls and I decided to make a day out of it. I had a really great time!


Wendy Williams is Queen of daytime talk. She always has the best hot topics and the latest scoop on all your favorite celebs. You can always expect her to give her honest opinion. She says all the things we probably are all thinking but won’t say aloud! How you doin’ Wendy!



I had never been to a day party until I visited the Wendy Williams show! That’s exactly what it felt like. DJ Booth played all the hits that kept the audience moving and the staff definitely helped to keep the energy level on 10!

There was even a special appearance from Tiny (formerly of Xscape, T.I. and Tiny: A family hustle) and her best friend/stylist Shekinah. They came to discuss their new show, Tiny and Shekinah’s Weave Trip and gave their opinion on a few celebrity hair styles. Although the process getting inside of the show was a bit long I would probably return.

Afterwards, we grabbed a bite to eat at this place called Cafeteria. Don’t let the name fool you. It’s not your average cafeteria. The food is a mixture of American, southern styled, diner food. We almost ended up at another place but I’m glad we chose this restaurant. The customer service was great. The food was delicious! Can’t you tell?


(Chicken N’ Waffles, mixedberry mojito)

The remainder of the time there, we just walked around and took in all the scenery. I must say it really changed my perspective of New York. I always thought New York was this big intimidating city with rude people but it was the complete opposite. The people were actually friendly, giving us compliments and directions!

I had always wanted to attend school there and get a job but I always shied away from it. I didn’t think I could handle the hustle and bustle but this trip really helped to ease my fears. I was told that if I could make it all these years in Philly that I could make it anywhere! You haven’t seen the last of me NYC!


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If you want to have a fun day in the city, definitely visit the Wendy Show! The tickets are free and you’ll have a great time like I did!


The College Grad

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