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Ebola: What’s Really Good?

For me, the Ebola crisis hits pretty close to home so it would be remiss of me not to mention it. I am of Liberian descent. Its no secret. Some people know, some don’t. My late father came from Liberia in the late 80’s and made Philadelphia home until the Lord called him to his eternal home.


(Stunting like my daddy! ’94)

I have to say that I am utterly disgusted with how it’s being discussed in the media. I’m over how this whole thing is being handled period!

As we all know, Mr. Thomas Duncan boarded a flight from West Africa to the states. Shortly after he landed, he went to the hospital with Ebola like symptoms but was sent home. Later on it was discovered that he intact was infected with the virus. Whether he knew it or not doesn’t matter as much now but the fact is he did seek medical treatment. Mr. Duncan was portrayed in the media as a criminal and was even supposed to be prosecuted because of this. I’m guessing the president of Liberia (Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf) felt it was necessary in order to make an example of Mr. Duncan and to get others to see the severity of this epidemic. At the same time,  it seems as if people weren’t concerned as much with his health and well being. He’s not even referred to my his name anymore but as “patient zero.” I mean come on now, how disrespectful!

Now the nurse that cared for Mr. Duncan has fallen ill. God bless her and prayerfully she will make it. She was transported from Texas to a facility in the DC area where she’ll will continue to be monitored. But what kind of irks me, and forgive me if I’m being insensitive, but the media made this big deal about her dog finding a good home. I hate to sound like the A-hole here because I know how people feel about their  animals but when there are people in West Africa dying everyday, treating an animal becomes of less importance. Sorry but not Sorry.

And what about the doctor who was out roaming the streets when they were supposed to be under quarantine? 

The Liberian community abroad and in the states have been hit pretty hard, especially the past few months. But one thing for certain, they are strong people and will prevail. They are in my prayers for sure.

What’s your take on things? How do you feel things are being handled? Do you think a temporary flight ban with help control this epidemic?

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The College Grad


  1. The media is being ridiculous about it. No flight ban needed. People just need to follow protocol and stop panicking. What about SARS? Swine flu? All the same media scare tactics. I just pray that those infected will get the necessary treatment. Also, there’s a terrible flu going around that leads to temporary paralysis in its victims but no one has been talking about it. Think it’s called Enterovirus D68.

    1. Absolutely! Yes, they’re really causing fear amongst the general public. Hopefully those infected will get treatment! There’s so much going around nowadays.

      Thanks for reading,

      ~ Zeena

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