Is that your hair? How do you do that? Can I touch it?



These are questions that I and weave wearers like myself are asked on the daily. When these questions arise, I try to handle each query with style and grace.  Just the other day a woman asked me, “Is that your hair?” I replied with a sassy smile as if to say, Wouldn’t you like to know? But after about 50/ eleven times, it tends to get rather annoying.

Now, I understand not everyone wears a weave, so I try to have patience when I am asked a question. One cannot assume that everyone has had the same exposure to certain things as others have. But my hair does not affect my work performance in any way, shape or form, nor does it define who I am!

Just as an artist produces a masterpiece, the same can be said for hair. The hair is the canvas and the fingers and styling tools are the paintbrush. Weave is a form of expression and individuality. Not everyone that wears a weave is bald headed or ashamed of their natural hair. Some like the versatility that weave provides. As the saying goes, to each his own.

I consider myself to be semi natural. And what I mean by that is NO to perms, YES to weaves, minimal heat. That’s what works for ME! Whether your hair is natural, semi or weaved up, you should not feel ashamed. You are the one that has to wear it so do you boo-boo! Wear it well!

(The C Corner-All Weave Everything- YouTube)

I’ve come up with a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S) on this subject

1. Is that your hair?

It shouldn’t matter. Whether it’s grown from my own scalp or purchased from the beauty supply, it is my hair, (.) point __

2. How do you do that??

It depends on the style one is referring to. A weave can be done several ways. The most common are sewn or glued in. The natural or real hair can be braided down while the weave is either sown on the braids with needle and thread or glued on the braids or stocking cap. It all comes down to preference.

3. Can I touch it???

One of the biggest unwritten rules is NEVER, EVER touch a black woman’s hair unless you want to pull back a nub!

First of all, I am not an animal so don’t touch my hair. But I would rather someone ask for permission rather than to touch it out of nowhere.

The truth is, black women spend a lot of time and money perfecting their styles, even sleeping in uncomfortable positions to preserve it. Would you like it if someone messes up a room you just fixed? No. So there’s your answer but really it’s up to the individual.

That is all for now but feel free to leave your questions/comments below and I’ll be sure to respond!

Later Dolls!

The College Graduate ❤






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Graduate Student. Fashionista. Blogger. A Black Girl About Town is a fashion-forward 20-something who dresses to the nines! Her friends flock to for details on the best places to eat, shop, dance and dine. She enjoys going places and sharing the details with you! XOXO, A Black Girl About Town!

2 thoughts on “Is that your hair? How do you do that? Can I touch it?

  1. Man, as an black female it is always a major conversation about “hair” rather it’s your real hair, or weave. Most people don’t except black girls to have long hair will I beg to differ a lot of beautiful black females have nice long healthy hair and that’s one of the thing I always catch myself explaining to people cause they would always ask me “is that all your hair girl”? “Can I touch it”? I’m like woww if hair defines you as a women rather it’s long, short, weave it shouldn’t your beauty lines from the inside!! Love all of you ladies!!

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