It’s National Lipstick Day!

So, it’s National Lipstick Day. I had no idea this day actually existed until I watched the news this morning. Out of all of the makeup there is, lipstick is one of my favorite enhancers. Yes, I said it. An enhancer. I believe makeup should enhance the features that God already gave you, not make you look like a whole different person. 🙂

So to celebrate this day, I am sharing a few of my favorite brands/ shades of lipstick.

“Midnight Glow” by Black Radiance


“Purple Passion” by Black Radiance



These lovely shades can all be purchased at your local Riteaid/ drug store for around $2.99 and up.

Here are some interesting facts on lipstick as well:

What’s your favorite shade?

Smooches :-*

The College Grad

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