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“I don’t care if we’re On The Run..”


This past weekend I attended the concert that has already been called the hottest show of the summer! Jay Z and Beyoncé; On The Run Tour in Philly. Had a great time, sang and danced all night, feet hurt! If I had to sum this show up in three words, I’d say Ah-maz-zzing! Simply put, amazing. Each respectfully held their own, performing both classic and current solo hits, as well as those catchy collabos (Crazy in Love, Drunk in Love, Part II On The Run)


For those who are unfamiliar, let me bring you up to speed! Ever since the two linked up to record “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” (remake of the late Tupac’s “Me and my Girlfriend”) it’s pretty much been a constant theme in their careers. So, it’s only fitting that the name of their tour would be called On The Run Tour, complete with an action packed movie trailer, featuring A-list actors, only to be released NEVER! Boy, was that a mouth full or what!



It was the type of show that had you out of your seat and on your feet literally the whole time. One thing that separates Beyoncé from the rest is that’s she’s not just a singer; she’s an entertainer. There is a big difference. Singers sing but entertainers put on a show! The Carter’s definitely entertained. One more thing I can check off my bucket list! 🙂





Charlotte Russe
Purple mock neck crop top
Lace skirt
Pay Half
Strappy heel sandals
Gold necklace

“Who wants that perfect love story anyway…”

The College Grad


    1. Thank You! That concert was EVERYTHING!!! Simply amazing! Thanks for the comment. I will be sure to check out your blog as well.

      ~ Zeena

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