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Fried Chicken, Corn bread & Watermelon

Watermelon is all fun and games when you’re playfully singing along to Beyoncé’s, “Drunk in Love.” You know, the part where she goes, “I been drinking…Watermelon…”

But watermelon is no laughing matter when it’s served alongside fried chicken and cornbread, a San Francisco’s high school’s lunch menu for Black History Month.

Now, some may claim that people are just way too sensitive, and they are entitled too their opinions. One student from the school even suggested that if enchiladas, rice and beans had been served for Cinco de Mayo, she wouldn’t have taken offense. Well, it’s not Cinco de Mayo. We’ll cross that bridge if and when necessary. Right now, it’s Back History Month. I don’t have too much of a problem with the fried chicken and cornbread. Chicken is delicious. I worked at KFC during high school and post college. Trust when I say, we are NOT the only one’s that enjoy that fried, crispy, golden brown goodness! And cornbread is neither here no there with me. But watermelon, really? Couldn’t they have just thrown in a few grapes and strawberries to save face? With a menu like that, I wonder what the beverage of choice was, red Kool-Aid or a nice cold 40?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t mess with anyone’s watermelon! I don’t care for the taste, nor do I like the ugly stereotype that comes with it, which is why I stray away from the controversial fruit. Don’t offer me any. I will kindly decline. But to each, his own.The treatment of slaves was far worse than even the best film can portray. Blacks were seen as ignorant, the lowest of the low and after being mistreated and oppressed, watermelon was the magical cure.

Overall, I think the menu was quite tacky. It would have been nice if the students could have experienced real soul food; fried chicken, collard greens, mac n’ cheese, yams — the whole nine! The school could have done better celebrating something that comes around one month out of the year. The school officials have since apologized. I guess they still have some more time to redeem themselves.

Watch the video here:


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