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A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words…


I found this on Refinery 29 and thought it was too interesting not to share. I appreciate them for this article.

The new Editor in Chief of Garage Magazine was photographed for a feature article on Buro 24/7. The image shows her sitting on a chair that is the shaped as a woman- a black woman on her back, legs up in the air.

At first I thought to myself, Really? Days after the national holiday that we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Not to mention less than two weeks before Black History Month. Really??? They are shot out for that. They gotta chill. (Philly slang, meaning they are wrong and must be stopped! LOL)

I think that if didn’t know my worth as a strong, black woman and as a contributing member of society, maybe I would have taken offense. I am, however, offended on behalf of those women who do not know of this worth of which I speak. Those who have been stereotyped and labeled promiscuous, ignorant, ghetto, so on and so forth. Those women, who like the art depicted, feel knocked down by the world. Those who have been told time and time again that they are inferior only for it to be blatantly displayed in their face. I hurt for them.

The intentions were probably harmless, but perception is everything. Remember, “Life imitates Art..”

Propaganda or Art? Your thoughts please.

Yours Truly,

The College Grad

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