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D.I.Y. Bun with Marley Braiding Hair

Hair. It is a journey in itself, especially troubling for women of color. Whether your hair is long or short, there will always be some level of maintenance required. My natural hair journey began nearly two years ago, not due to growing popularity though, more like laziness. I was never one to consistently keep up with a perm. I could manage pretty well with a deep conditioner. So I did not do a big chop like many women.

It was not easy at times though and I am sure that anyone who has gone through the transition would agree. There were many times I remember yelling “I hate my hair” out of frustration. Some styles either didn’t fit me or my hair was just too short for them. It just takes patience and the right products. The best advice I can give is to be yourself. Every hairstyle may not suit you. Trends are meant to be followed but take what you like from it and tailor it to fit your unique needs!

Thanks to YouTube, I’ve finally, found a natural hairstyle that is easy for me to manage and is super cute. (See the link below) I’ve gotten many compliments on it too. I consider myself to be semi natural. I do not use perms but at times will use minimal heat and I still love a good sewn in weave, and I am not ashamed! The moral of the story is, find out what’s best for you and work it, honey!

Products used: **Prices May Vary** FYI these are the products that I used. Feel free to add or take away anything you wish…


Local Beauty Supply– Marley braiding hair, ($5) Softee Herbal gro formula, ($1.29) Ampro styling gel, ($1.69) bobby pins, ($1) hair wrap ($1)

CVS – Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream ($6-8),

WalMart – Wide tooth comb ($1)

Dollartree – 1 pack of hair scrunchies ($1)

Water, H2O (free, your bathroom sink :))

Step One: I grease my scalp with the herbal grow formula to prevent dryness, spray it down with water, dentangle with wide tooth comb and rub Cantu conditioner throughout.

Step Two: Comb/brush it up in a ponytail to your desired height. The higher the better! Use gel to hold the hair and secure with hair scrunchy. Use silk wrap or scarf to mold the shape.

Step Three: Now it’s time to apply the hair. Hold the hair in your hand and find the middle. There should be an even amount of hair on both sides. This is where you’ll place the rubber band. Once that is complete, tie the rubber band around your hair. The Marley hair should be covering your face.


Section off the hair into three parts. Take the middle piece. Bring it towards the back of your head and secure with a bobby pin. (Or as many as you need) Criss cross the remaining two sections and lay them on top of the first piece. Use bobby pins to secure it. The front should start to take the shape of a bun. Roll and tuck the loose hair and secure with a bobby pin. Adjust to your our liking! The end results should look a little something like this:


Happy Styling,

The College Graduate


  1. I plan to maybe in the near future… but here is a YouTube video I found to be really helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Ooh nice! I did this style in November, except that I used regular Kanekalon since my hair was pressed. Now that it’s back in it’s natural curly state, I should definitely get some Marley hair so that I can still do the style.

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