Tips for the first time renter

It’s official! I have successfully been on my own for one year now, and boy, what an adventure it has been! Nothing short of a nightmare to be honest. But through it all, I’ve been able to stand on my own two feet. I believe that God strategically places us in certain circumstances in order to build/ shape our character. Living on my own has allowed me to see just how blessed I really am.

Coming from a single parent home, I’ll admit I wasn’t always appreciative of the sacrifices my mother had to make in order to feed and clothe my sisters and I. Lucky for me, I only have one person to feed and clothe, and that’s hard enough! I am blessed! So, in honor of my one year of independence/ adulthoodship, I’ve decided share my tips with other first time renters.

Tip #1 Unplug, unplug, unplug!

Want to dramatically reduce your electric bill? Unplug all unused appliances and electronics (microwave, toaster, charger, etc.). I’d unplug the refrigerator, too, if I could! If they’re not being used, there’s no need for them to be plugged in. You’re just wasting energy! Just because the power button says “off” means nothing if the plug is still in the wall. Electricity is still running through that cord. Do yourself this favor and you won’t regret it, neither will your pockets!

Tip #2 Home cooking vs Ordering out

Ordering out is convenient but can be costly if done too frequently. Take ten dollars for instance. At the pizza store, you can buy a burger, fries and soda. Then add in the taxes, delivery charge and tip (if you’re a tipper) and you’ve blown over ten dollars for one meal. Take the same amount to the market. You can purchase a box of pasta, ground beef, spaghetti sauce, garlic bread and drink. Same price, only this meal can last a week. I’m not against ordering out, but I’m all for saving a dollar. Typically reserve ordering out for a Friday or lazy day.

Tip #3 Champagne taste with Beer budget

Self explanatory but I’ll explain anyway! It may not be a wise decision to have cable installed in your place when Netflix is more up your alley. Live within your means!

Hope these tips were helpful!


Your “thrifty” College Grad

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