Fashion Hair Poetry

Why I _______ my hair.

Why I perm it, straighten it, press it.

Wig it, glue it, sew it.

Why I “Aunt Jemima” scarf it or Angie Davis fro it.

Why I sister lock, finger wave, high bun or box braid it.

Why I Halle Berry, Rihanna, Tyra or Beyonce it.

Why I run from water in the summer to protect it.

Why I spend countless hours in the mirror to perfect it.

Why it’s fried, dyed and laid to the side.

Why I rock these styles with so much pride.

“Why? ” you ask
I reply, “Because I can.”

I’m a black girl, you just wouldn’t understand…

~Dedicated to the natural sista’s and the weave appreciators.
Having long or short hair does not make you more or less beautiful. It simply compliments the beauty God already gave you. ~

Sincerely yours,

The College Grad


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