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5 Tips for a Successful Interview (Cont’d)

Tip #4- Practice Makes Perfect

As with anything, practice makes perfect; learning the alphabet, tying your shoes, learning to ride a bike. The more you practice something, the better you become at it. So, it’s only fitting to practice interviewing skills before you actually interview.

One of the most valuable things I was able to take away from my entire college experience was from a course titled, Job Pursuit Seminar. This course was for students who were steps away from graduating and who would soon be searching for jobs and internships. We learned how to write résumés and cover letters, participated in mock interviews and received helpful resources. If you haven’t done so, a mock interview wouldn’t be a bad idea. Research common interview questions, (Ex: Tell me a little about yourself, what are you goals, what makes you right for this position?) write out your responses, practice them aloud with friends and family, or in front of the mirror!

Tip # 5- Be Confident

So, let’s recap. You have your outfit, check! You’ve researched the company, check! You have your résumé and supporting documents, (writing samples, portfolio) check, check! You’ve practiced until you couldn’t practice anymore. Now what? All that’s left to do is to walk into that office with your head held high, confident in yourself and in your skills. No matter the outcome, remain optimistic. Even if you don’t land the job, be thankful for the opportunity, because many people don’t even make it that far. Lastly, follow up with an email or take it a step further and send a card. It never hurts, plus they may even keep you in mind for a future opportunity.

Hope this was helpful!

Yours Truly,

The College Grad

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