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This summer, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite new artists in concert, Miguel. To be honest, if someone had asked me who he was just a few months back, I wouldn’t have known how to respond. Fast forward to the present, I am listening to him on a daily basis!

After weeks of throwing some subtle and not so subtle hints, my boyfriend finally popped the question. “What are you doing on June 1st?” Miguel would be performing at The House of Blues in Atlantic City with special guest Elle Varner (Only wanna give it to you) for which he purchased tickets. How could I say no? I had listened intently to every song on the All I Want Is You album, Youtubed a host of other songs and performances and read a few concert reviews. I was convinced that this artist would have what it takes to pull off a live performance.

We had arrived at The House of Blues that evening around eight, despite the traffic and weather conditions. It had begun to rain, which lead to minor flooding on the main roads. But alas, the show must go on! We entered the auditorium styled venue and were seated promptly, just four rows away from the stage. I was particularly pleased with such an intimate seating arrangement as opposed to a huge stadium. This provided the artist to have more of a connection with the fans.

The seats in the venue had continued to fill up with people of various ages ranging from early twenties to possibly late forties. It was most definitely a grown and sexy crowd. The beautifully talented Elle Varner took the stage around nine. She belted out her well known hits “Only Wanna give it to you” ft. J. Cole, “Refill” and others which sounded exactly like the original recording. Her personality came across as really down to earth, someone the average girl would relate to.

Finally, it was time for Miguel to take the stage. He performed several hits from his debut album; “All I Want is You” including singles, “Sure Thing,” and “Girls Like You”  and  as well as his latest project “Art Dealer Chic Vol. 1.” He was very animated with his ability to use the entire stage. While other artists have mastered the art of selling sex, Miguel paints a picture with his words. My only complaint; I wish it were longer!

If you’re interested in hearing some good music for a chance, I suggest giving Miguel a listen. His style is a cross between Prince, MJ and Babyface, if that helps!T This performance gets two snaps in a circle (snap, snap!:) Your ears won’t regret it. Download Volumes 1, 2 & 3 of “Art Dealer Chic” today!

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