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Hair, Hair, Who Cares?

When I heard some of the ignorant comments made towards 16 year old Gabby Douglas, who recently won a gold medal in gymnastics for her country, I just had to react. After all she has accomplished, the only topic of importance was none other than, her hair. While other 16 year olds are starring on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant with several appearances on The Maury Show, this young girl is reaching her dreams and having her door knocked down by some of the top schools in the country. Have we as a society become that shallow?

Think about it. When thirty something year old, self-proclaimed Barbie Nicki Minaj prances around on stage in blonde, pink and multi-colored wigs, we all sing along to the raunchy and ridiculous lyrics. No one finds a flaw in this. But when this young girl, who has her head on straight, has traveled to places that you and I only dream of and competes in the Olympics in front of millions, someone just had to throw in a low blow. How tacky!

First of all, I am no expert in gymnastics, but common sense, which I find as not so common as we think, would tell you that in order to deliver and maneuver with such elegance as she did, hair flowing everywhere might only be a distraction. So, how did people expect her to look?

Whether you’re doing good or bad, people are always going to find fault. I guess if they’re not talking, you’re not relevant. So I say, Go Gabby, Go! People need to stop hating.

I can personally attest to some of the struggles it takes in being a woman, especially one of color. Feel free to share your thoughts or similar stories.


The College Grad



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