Life after graduation

The life of the college graduate

Six months after graduating college, I find myself crashing on my mother’s couch and working a part-time job at a fast food restaurant. No one had prepared me for this.

No matter how many parties you’ve attended, basketball games you’ve cheered at, or the amount of friends you’ve made, your main focus is making the grade to get the degree. Your head is gassed up with all these thoughts of the luxurious life you will live after you graduate. Land a job working in an upscale corporate office, maybe purchase your own apartment to throw sweet gatherings with your friends, a nice car and later on down the line, get married. And not to say that this won’t happen, but how long should it take?

Well, when the rejection letters start flying in by the dozens, you soon realize that your dreams will not evolve overnight, or at least I did. This is just the beginning of my life as a college graduate…

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